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Introducing DinoDapp

DinoDapp is the landing page for an independently developed blockchain game for Cardano! Our goal is to bring education and entertainment together for a global audience. An audience becoming increasingly aware and curious about cryptocurrency, blockchains, smart contracts, non-fungible tokens, decentralized applications, and so much more.

Blockchain Game

There are many games out there but blockchain games are different because players own their characters, inventory, and progress.


Dinosaurs are born again

Learn | Battle | Explore

This time as characters created and owned by you. Players will be able to hatch generated on-demand dinosaur tokens. Dinosaurs come in various types, colors, and attributes. More ...

Meet The Team

Our team is about integrity and learning without any funding, marketing, or nonsense. We will never ask for ADA, presale thousands of tokens, or line our own pockets. If you are looking for an at cost blockchain game you found the right place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Game content introduces blockchain concepts using its own implementation in the explanation. School courses all follow the same format of introduce, test, reinforce, and reward. By playing DinoDapp, you will be learning about Cardano in small bursts and forming associations.

Where do I get the game?

DinoDapp is still in development! Once we launch the game, the latest release will be available from this website. Your dapp web wallet will effectively be all you need, no registration required. If you do not have a Cardano wallet the game will show you how to get one!

How do I get dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs can be created within the game and the introduction focuses on leading you to your first token. Smart contracts and transactions require some minimum amount of ADA to process on the blockchain. The minted dinosaur token will be deposited in the wallet that initiates and signs the transaction.

What can I do with my dinosaurs?
  • Battle AI dinosaurs off-chain
  • Battle player owned dinosaurs on-chain
  • Attend the school to learn and earn eggs and power ups
  • Explore the world as a dinosaur solving puzzles, collecting coins, and more
  • Sell your dinosaurs for ADA
  • Transfer your dinosaurs to another wallet
  • Participate in existing token marketplaces
  • Tell your friends and share on social media
What are the system requirements?

An HTML5 compatible browser is all that is needed. Approximately 10% of content can be accessed without a wallet or token. Cardano wallet and ADA will only be required to get a dinosaur token. Dapp wallets usually require Chromium based browsers like Chrome, Brave, etc.

How much does it cost?

The game will always be free to play. Processing transactions on the blockchain requires a minimum amount of ADA. Acquiring tokens from other players out of game may additionally require an asking price in ADA. Actions which will require ADA listed below:

  • Creating dinosaur tokens from hatch dialog
  • Burning dinosaur tokens from gym dialog